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Your privacy is coded into our DNA. Since we developed the EmergencyAppX, we've aspired to build our services with a set of strong privacy principles in mind. 



The EmergencyAppX is probably your best shot during an emergency which will help you in alerting to your loved ones and get out of the emergency situation safely. Our Privacy Policy helps explain our information practices. For example, we talk about what information we collect and how this affects you.

Information we collect:



EmergencyAppX receives or collects information when during its operation to provide its services.

Information collected includes:



1. Photos - This is taken by the front camera of the device. This photo is saved in the users' device's internal memory and is not used anywhere else. This is just to click, save and share the photo instantly from your phone's internal memory.



2. Audio - This is recorded by tapping the audio recording button on the home screen. The audio recorded too is saved in the users' device's internal memory and can be shared and is not reproduced anywhere else. 



3. Video - A video of thirty seconds is recorded when the video button is pressed. The video is stored on devices internal storage and can be shared if the user wishes to. The video is not reproduced anywhere else.



4. Location - The location details collected is not reproduced anywhere and remains and is used while displaying online users to user's emergency contact. The user gets the option to keep his location disclosed in the options. The location tracking for displaying the online user in the application is immediately stopped when the user goes offline.


All the information collected is stored on the user's device's internal memory and is not reproduced or shared anywhere else.